Levant Sparrowhawk

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Levant sparrowhawk – Accipiter brevipes – is a small hawk of the Family Accipitridae, the Order Accipitriformes and is of Type – diurnal-raptor. It is a summer migrant to SE Europe and SW Asia. In the AWB Region it is a summer visitor to Turkey, the S Caucasus, N Iraq and N Iran. It winters in Africa from Djibouti, SE Sudan, South Sudan and N Kenya.

Type – diurnal-raptor –
Habitat Summer: open forests, woods environs,
Habitat Nests : in trees
Habitat Passage: migrates in flocks
Habitat Winter: Sahel and Sudanian savannah

Order..: Accipitriformes
Family.: Accipitridae
Genus..: Accipiter

Species – Accipiter brevipes
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Additional Material…
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