Northern Gannet

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Northern gannet – Morus bassanus, – is the largest species of the Family Sulidae and is of Type – seabird in the Order Suliformes. It is native to both sides of the North Atlantic. It breeds on isolated cliffs and islands, warmed by the Gulf Stream, and in winter spreads further South down the western seaboard to the Caribbean and the eastern seaboard down to NW Africa the Mediterranean and the whole African Mediterranean coast.

Type - seabird - colonial, nests on cliffs and islands overlooking the sea, 
Summer Habitat - N Atlantic cliffs and islands, 
Winter Habitat - pelagic over the Atlantic off NW Africa and the Mediterranean,

Order..: Suliformes
Family.: Sulidae
Genus..: Morus

Species - Morus bassanus 
Northern Gannet - Sightings -
Northern Gannet - Species Sheet -
Northern Gannet - Species Sheet -
Northern Gannet - Fact Sheet -
Northern Gannet - Range and Calls -

Additional Material...
Northern Gannet - Images -
Northern Gannet - Video -
Northern Gannet - Species Fact Sheet -
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