Pied Kingfisher

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Pied kingfisher – Ceryle rudis – is a fairly large water kingfisher of Type – sallyer, the Family Alcedinidae, and the Order Coraciiformes. It is widely distributed across sub Saharan Africa and Southern Asia and more sparingly across Southern Turkey, The Levant, Syria, Iraq and into SW Iran. It is largely resident with only short seasonal movements.

Type - sallyer - 
Resident Habitat - 

Order……….. Coraciiformes
Family……… Alcedinidae
Genus……… Ceryle

Species…Ceryle rudis
Pied Kingfisher – oiseaux-birds.com – Species Card
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Additional Material…
Pied Kingfisher – birdlife.org – Species factsheet
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Pied Kingfisher – BBCWildlife – video

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