Ruddy shelduck

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The Ruddy shelduck (Tadorna ferruginea) is a very distinctive shelduck with its noticeable bright rusty – orange plumage. Its natural breeding range is across Asia from The Black Sea to Central Asia and it migrates further south in the winter. In the AWB Region however there are large areas in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Ethiopia and coastal areas of Morocco and Tunisia where they are resident. Along the Nile Valley Northwards from Ethiopia to the Mediterranean their wintering grounds are to be found.

Order.. : Anseriformes
Family..: Anatidae
Genus...: Tadorna

Species..: Tadorna ferruginea
Ruddy shelduck - Species sheet -
Ruddy shelduck - Species -
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Ruddy shelduck - Species - avibase
Ruddy shelduck - Sounds & Maps -

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