Solitary snipe

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Solitary snipe – Gallinago solitaria – is a small resident/migratory Asian shorebird of Type – wader, Family Scolopacidae and Order Charadriiformes. it is found as resident from central Asia to Kamchatka, there is a limited summer breeding range N of the Sea of Okhotsk and the population winters further S in Asia. The AWB Region lies outside of its normal range but it is found as Accidental in KSA.

Type - wader - nest hidden in dense vegetation, 
Summer Habitat - mountain bogs and river valleys above the treeline,
Winter Habitat - marshes and swamps at lower elevations, 

Order:	Charadriiformes
Family:	Scolopacidae
Genus:	Gallinago

Species -	Gallinago solitaria
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