Sooty shearwater

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The Sooty shearwater – Ardenna grisea is a medium/large Shearwater of the Seabird family Procellariidae. Outside of the Breeding Season it is widely spread across the Tropical and Temperate Oceans of the World except in the Indian Ocean where it is normally only found in the southern Temperate Ocean. In the Pacific Ocean it breeds on coasts and islands of SE Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. In the Atlantic it breeds in the Falkland Islands. In the AWB Region it is found in the Atlantic, offshore of the NW Coast of Africa, but in the Northern Indian Ocean it is only Accidental.

Order:   Procellariiformes
Family:  Procellariidae
Genus:  Ardenna

Species - Ardenna grisea 
Sooty shearwater - Species -
Sooty shearwater - Species sheet -
Sooty shearwater - Species -
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