Tropical shearwater

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The Tropical shearwater – Puffinus bailloni is a small Shearwater of Type – seabird, family Procellariidae and Order Procellariiformes. It has two populations, one in the Central Pacific and the other in the tropical Western Indian Ocean. In the AWB Region, outside of the breeding season it is found offshore in the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. It breeds on small barren tropical tropical islands across the western Indian Ocean.

Type - seabird - 
Summer Habitat - rocky, barren, small islands, islets and atolls in W Indian ocean, 
Winter Habitat - pelagic W Indian ocean, 

Order:   Procellariiformes
Family:  Procellariidae
Genus:  Puffinus

Species - Puffinus bailloni
Tropical shearwater - Species -
Tropical shearwater - Species - avibase
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Tropical shearwater - Species -
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