Common crane

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The  Common crane – Grus grus or Eurasian crane is a medium sized crane of Type – wadingbird, Family Gruidae and Order Gruiformes. It is a very widespread summer Breeder across N and Temperate Eurasia, and has complex migratory flyways to multiple wintering areas further south, in SE Asia, India, The Middle East, Africa and even S Spain. In the AWB Region it is a summer Breeder in many parts of Turkey but particularly in the east and into Armenia. In Turkey there are many small areas where it is both a winter visitor and resident. Elsewhere there are non-Breeding areas in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan and the N coastal areas of the Maghreb states.

Type - wadingbird - nests in or close to shallow water, migrates in large noisy flocks, 
Breeding Habitat - primarily marshy wetlands within forest clearings, bogs, lakes, pools, on treeless moors or steppes,
Winter Habitat - flooded areas, swampy meadows, shallow waters with high cover for protection whilst moulting, then 
                            more open country and farmland.

Order:  Gruiformes
Family: Gruidae
Genus:  Grus

Species...Grus grus
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