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Shikra - Accipiter badius - is a small raptor the Family Accipitridae, Order Accipitriformes and is of Type - diurnal-raptor.  It is present in SW Asia, the Oriental Region, and sub-Saharan Africa. In the AWB Region it is resident in the S Caspian, NE Iran, SW Arabia, N UAE, N Oman, and the Sahel Region southwards into sub-Saharan Africa. It is a winter visitor to S Iraq, and Dhofar. In the Sahel of W Africa there are some migratory winter movements in S Mauritania, S Mali and SW Niger.

Type - diurnal-raptor - 
Habitat Summer: open forests, dry woodlands, plantations, farmland, urban parks,
Habitat Nests: in trees with platform nest like crow's
Habitat Winter: Seasonal movements in W Africa, Sahel, Savannahs
Order..: Accipitriformes
Family.: Accipitridae
Genus..: Accipiter

Species- Accipiter badius
Shikra – Species –
Shikra – Species Factsheet –
Shikra – Species sheet –
Shikra – Species card –
Shikra – Range and calls –

Additional Material…
Shikra – Images –
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